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Since I have been here, I have found the Benfica fans on this site have an incredible knowledge of world football outside Portugal. We can also use this thread to discuss anything you want relating to Greece.

So I want to use this thread to ask questions to tap that knowledge.

For example, Greece now is looking for a new NT coach.

Koeman said he refused the job this week because he was not first choice.  :blah: I am sad about this, I think he would have been good.

Now apparently.... Camacho is first choice... I see he was briefly at Benfica..

Another name strangely mentioned around the place is Bielsa.

What is your opinion on these coaches?

Actually Koeman was also at Benfica. Great Champions League campaign. I like him but most fans don't.

Camacho was here twice, two different stints. Benfica fans love him. He put Benfica back on track after some terrible years. Won the Portuguese Cup against Mourinho.

The second stint was awful though. He came to try to save a season and was sacked before the end of it.

He's not a great coach tactically. He's all about discipline, organization and motivation. Very similar to Scolari. Might work in a national team.

Bielsa is a football genius. He can't be compared with the other two. He's the anti-Renhagel lol, he would make Greece one of Europe's most attractive teams. Or at least he would try. ;D

It seems Bielsa is one Greece should go for.

All Koeman wants is wine, whores and money...


--- Citação de: Faliro em 20 de Março de 2014, 11:35 ---It seems Bielsa is one Greece should go for.

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He's completely attacking-minded. Do you remember Athletic Biblao a couple of years ago? I'm not sure, with the amount of talent in your national pool that you have right now, if that would be a good bet.


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