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Illusion buyers aka supporters of the Structure, Roy Win and He-and-his

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Tradução: compradores de ilusões aka apoiantes da estrutura, do Rui Vitória e do Eliseu

Here is a thread for everyone who still believes in Louis Philip Saw Threshing-Floor, Sundays Soundings of Olivetree, Roy Jelly-beans of the Bramble, Peter War and John Gabriel and in the good work they are doing with what concerns our great club enterprising group of Sport Lisbon and Wellstay.

This is also a thread for people who believe in the competence, politeness, companionship and psychology/physical education-orientated training of Roy Win and his team.

Finally, supporters of badly-loved players such as He-and-his, Raul Gin Minus, That Liver, Car Cell and Trabat can come here too to express their angst of what those insensitive associated and sympathizers of our team are saying about their professionalism.


Aqui está uma thread para todos os que acreditam no Luís Filipe Vi Eira, Domingos Soares de Oliveira, Rui Gomes da Silva, Pedro Guerra e João Gabriel e no excelente trabalho que têm vindo a fazer com o nosso grandioso clube grupo empresarial do Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Isto também é um tópico para quem acredita na competência na competência, boa educação, companheirismo e treino orientado para a psicologia e educação física de Rui Vitória e sua equipa técnica.

Finalmente, apoiantes de mal amados como Eliseu, Raul Jimenez, Talisca, Carcela e Taarabt também podem vir aqui expressar o seu constrangimento para com os adeptos e sócios insensíveis que os acusam de falta de profissionalismo.



President: Louis Philip Saw Threshing-Floor
Money Guy: Sundays Soundings of Olivetree
SIC parrot: Roy Jelly-beans of the Bramble
TVI parrot: Peter War
King Parrot: John Gabriel
Department of justice with bare hands: Roy Coast
Department of what really matters (West side): Lawrence Peartree Rabbit
Department of what really matters (East side): Sheu What
Department of the Sportinguization: Mounting George Sheep
Department of Butchery: Benedict Little Pig
Department of Moar Butchery: Brewno Mengive

The manipulators of the football destroying machine/compressor roll

Roy Win
Arnold Have Smell
Serge Little Bottle
Paul Big Moorish
Get Me Nervous 3,14 Etra
Mark Peterish
Lewis Stevens

Our Heroes/Guys you ask autographs and mock on BeingWellstayist.com

1. Is Of Sound
2. Smooth Male Prefix Lopez
3. The Grimi that matters
4. Big Louis
5. Bean Czar
7. Sa-Sea-Laughs
9. Raul Gin Minus
10. John Ass Pistols
11. Gangsterglou
12. THE EMPEROR (always use caps lock, bitches)
13. Paul Post-Climber
14. Beauty Loft
15. Little Car
16. Here-there-and-here
17. Zivholeic
18. Save Him
19. He-and-his
20. Gone Salt Off-the-front
21. PZ
22. Frank Served
27. Raceless
28. William Fuck-it
33. Steroidel
34. Andrew Street Cleaner
37. Give Nile
50. Nel Sound Fearless

Teams that only exist so there can be someone to catch the soap

Air Hollow
Arsenal of the poor
Sporting of keys
From Sea
Fog of Wood
Steps of Female Iron Worker
River Bird
Vice Counts of Whitewinged
Her Tone
Win of Bill-sea-frogs
Win of If-you-worth

Epá Villar, melhor thread de sempre <3

he-and-his <3

fdx :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

it's a pity the censoring and douchebag moderation will erase this topic and punish me for supporting my own anonymous sportship society


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