812 - Tópico: N'Doye Maleye info ?  (Lida 1781 vezes)


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  • 18 de Outubro de 2005, 11:59
Pesaroso eu não falo o português

I heard that my team might sign, N'Doye Maleye, as i knew he played with your team last season, can anyone describe it to me, weakness, strengh ....
Thanks a lot .


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  • 18 de Outubro de 2005, 14:17
his a very good tree point shoter...

but his not a great defender...

he have good qualities, but he have a child body...

personaly i think he´s a nice person...

good luck...

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  • 18 de Outubro de 2005, 14:22
He is 25 years old now, i guess.. he is around 1,95m tall (i can't find the exact information), he's very thin. He plays in position 3 and his perfomances, last season, were very irregular. He could score more than 24 points in a week, and on the other 6 or 7... He trys a lot to score from 3 points shots, and he had a nice %. Bad defender . He is from Senegal but i has got a Belgian Passport.

I hope the information is good for you, sorry for the mistakes i've made, but this is my best english :)


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  • 18 de Outubro de 2005, 14:32
I was glad he left Benfica, don´t think he got the body or qualities to suceed in pro basketball, weak defender, he is only good at 3 points, nothing else.